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2014-01-05 02:28 pm

My 2013 on Fanlore

I decided that I’d like to keep a better record of my activities on Fanlore, and thought that a “year in review”-type post for 2013 would be a good place to start. So I've trudged through my Fanlore edits from 2013 and now present to you some of my Fanlore projects from the past year.

Most everything below is Harry Potter-related.  Though I also worked on a handful of other fandom pages (e.g. The Walking Dead, Baseball RPF, some Les Mis, ...), HP was my focus in 2013. All of the pages linked here are works in progress, and anyone interested is welcome to edit or expand them.

HP Fic & Cassie Claire )
Femslash & Doujinshi )
Characters & Pairings )
Mailing Lists, Archives, & Fans )

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